February 21, 2024

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Vital Drops Blu-ray DVD Technology

A regrettable truth in TV technology would be that the best technology isn’t necessarily the one which triumphs when two competing technologies get into competition with one another. A brief history of TV technologies are full of types of this. The one which many people are most acquainted with may be the format war between your Betamax and VHS video cassette tape formats. Despite the fact that VHS won that specific format war, lots of people have contended that Betamax was really the highest format. A less prominent example are visible in the first Laser Disc video format which was introduced at comparable time because the VHS and Betamax tape formats. Laser Dvds were basically primitive DVD’s which were comparable size as a traditional vinyl LP record. Despite the fact that DVD’s would be the preferred format over video cassettes now, the 2 video cassette formats soundly defeated the Laser Disc format if this found consumer video.

At this time we are able to see another illustration of this unfolding using the High Definition DVD format war. There’s two formats within this war which are both vying for control of the marketplace. One format is known as Blu-ray and it is supported by The new sony and many other computing devices manufacturers and movie studios. Its rival is known as HD DVD, that was introduced by Toshiba and it is supported by Microsoft along with a couple of other movie studios. These two formats derive from similar laser technology, both use dvds that are identical size as standard DVD’s, nor format could be performed alternatively format’s players.

The Blu-ray format may be the superior one when it comes to data storage capacity. It may store about twenty-five gigabytes per side of merely one disc for as many as fifty gigabytes per disc. By comparison, the HD DVD format can store about 15 gigabytes per side of the disc for as many as no more than thirty gigabytes. Twenty gigabytes per disc is definitely an very huge difference backward and forward formats. To become fair though, HD DVD has some proprietary interactive features that Blu-ray does not have.

Regardless of Blu-ray’s technical brilliance- a minimum of like a storage media for computers- cheap it’s been outselling HD DVD by two to 1 when it comes to quantity of dvds offered, Blu-ray has unsuccessful to win the format war. That is because a format war is waged through propaganda, developing alliances, and prices tactics a minimum of around it’s waged through technological expertise.

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