February 21, 2024

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Trustpilot Reviews How Rental Companies Are Disrupting Fashion

One of the world’s most disruptive companies in 2019 was Rent the Runway. They rent out the latest clothes and accessories to consumers. And, their customers are happy to wear fashionable clothes temporarily, showing off their sense of style without needing to own the latest designer items for the long-term.

Social media and sustainable fashion are two of the trends that make fashion rental successful. Consumers want to capture moments on Instagram more than they want to own expensive clothing. Consumers have also been avoiding fashion manufacturers that exploit workers and the environment.

The Power of Instagram

Media influencers are closely watched. If they wear the same dress to two events, they know images of it will be shared across the internet. And even us mere mortals want to show variety and a diverse sense of style in our social media feeds.

This all adds up to revenue for fashion rental companies like FashionPass. For customers who really want to avoid wearing the same outfit twice, firms offer amazing fashion statements that can spice up anyone’s selfies — for a fraction of the cost of buying designer clothes.

Sustainable Fashion

Millions of tons of clothing are dumped in landfills every year. And the more it’s discussed on the news and in social media, the more companies need to address it. Influencers don’t want to be caught wearing outfits made by companies that use unsustainable manufacturing methods or promote wasteful purchases.

Today’s consumer wants to see that companies recycle or even reuse their textiles, reduce pollution, and improve their supply chains — all to become more sustainable.

Fashion rental services can improve sustainability by letting several customers share the same outfit. They also encourage shoppers to test an item before buying it, reducing impulse purchases that lead eventually to throwing clothing away.

Reviews of the Best

Now that some fashion rental companies are finding success, more are being founded. Some great options have already emerged, such as New York & Company Closet, DVF Link, The Mr. Collection, and ThreadTread.

But how can consumers know if a company promotes worthwhile values or if their services live up to their claims? The answer is in Trustpilot reviews and similar services that let consumers help each other find outstanding brands.

Strengthen Your Online Reputation

If you’re running a fashion rental company or thinking of starting one, think about what your customers will write about you online. And if you already have customers, send them to Trustpilot to write about their experiences.

Positive reviews can bring in more customers, who in turn can write even more reviews. You can also use any negative reviews to improve your services. If you really want to grow, interacting with customers can help you guide your company toward the best version of itself.


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