June 25, 2022

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Process of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Production

Barley and water are the main ingredients of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. The Scottish highlands are characterised by vast grain fields. Scotland is also famous for unique water. The water of Scotland is very soft. The rain water of Scotland flows through the hilltops and peat through the meadows. There are small well-protected wells that provide the water for the production of the whiskey. The barley from the fields and the water from both the small wells as well as the big rivers give a huge support to the production of single malt whiskey. The steps of production of the whiskey are cultivation of barley, malting the barley, alcoholic fermentation, scotch whiskey distillation, filling the casks, maturation in the cask and finally bottling of whiskey.

From Cultivating the Barley to Scotch Whiskey Distillation

Single malt whiskey is made exclusively from the malted barley of Scotland. In Scotland the barley are cultivated. The lowlands have the perfect climatic condition for growing barely. The first step of single malt whiskey production is to cultivate the barley. Then as the barley is full grown, they are malted. The barley grains are filled with starch. In order to release the sugar from the barley the starches are split into smaller sugar, this is known as maltose, where the malt word comes from. Then the malted barley are dried by spreading the grains on grids in the kiln and with hot air from below. Through alcoholic fermentation the grains are washed to get the wanted beer. The beer is then mixed with hot water and the malt is mashed.

Filling Casks to Bottling of Whiskey

After the process of the fermentation, the scotch whiskey is distillate; the mash is filled into pots stills for distillation. Through this process the alcohol in the mash is further extracted. After the distillation process the whiskey gets its taste from the cooper pots of distillation. Then at last the Single malt whiskey is prepared and bottled for distribution.