September 27, 2022

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How To Register Dito Load


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How to register for promo in Dito app?

Before anything else, you need to have enough load balance before you can register for a promo. If not, then you may need to top up DITO load credit first before we proceed. Now that you have enough DITO load; Open your DITO App Tap on Buy Promo menu Now choose the promothat you wish to avail then tap Buy Promobutton. Select Payment Method

How do I register to Dito 199?

New DITO subscribers can register to DITO 199 by following these steps: Buy a DITO SIM and at least ₱199 load from a DITO store or authorized retailer. Insert the DITO SIM into your phone’s SIM slot. Activate the SIM by connecting to data or by texting or calling someone.

How to recharge Dito top-up online?

1 Launch the DITO app on your device 2 Click on LOAD 3 Select the top-up amount you want to recharge 4 Click on the LOAD button 5 Now select your preferred payment option. The available options are (Credit/ Debit card/ WeChat Pay/ GCash/ GrabPay) 6 Tap on the Pay button

How do I Register my Dito Sim?

As soon as you get your DITO SIM, it’s recommended that you register it on the DITO app. Through the app, you can monitor your load balance, mobile data, and free minutes. You can also purchase load and prepaid promos through the app. Download the DITO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

How To Register Dito Load

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