September 24, 2023

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Dazzling Benefits of Body Contouring You Never Knew

The journey of losing excess fat in your body is full of ups and downs. As a result, people are trying several recommended diet and lifestyle changes. While these adjustments can significantly improve your appearance, they may not be good enough. Today, numerous individuals have been seeking a more effective and safe way to lose fat, causing body contouring San Juan Capistrano to gain massive popularity than before. If you are still getting familiar with it, this article discusses some dazzling benefits of body contouring you never knew.

Quick Recovery without Downtime

Normally, non-invasive contributes little to no side effects, whereas those present are mild and cannot affect your daily activities. After the procedure, the treated region can look red to the touch. Luckily, these side effects fade away after some hours. Moreover, CoolSculpting causes short-term side effects like swelling, tenderness, bruising, and itching.

Varieties of Options

Body contouring comes in different varieties, enabling your doctor to choose the one that perfectly fits you. Emsculpt®, VelaShape®, truSculpt®, and Zerona® are some of the common options you can choose. In most cases, the chief work of the body-sculpting treatment is to damage the fat cells. Moreover, they can reduce stretch marks and tighten your skin.

Long-Term Outcomes

Body contouring can last for the rest of your life considering you avoid becoming overweight. The CoolSculpting and Venus Concept are integral as they permanently damage the fat cells. After the procedure, your body removes cellular waste, eliminating the initial cell and fat inside. Even though the treated fat cell disappears completely, you may consider performing the procedure again if you become overweight in the future. 

Body Contouring Is Safe

Many clients have received the treatment for several decades, and it is gradually advancing. However, the surgery consists of some risks like any surgery, but if you receive the treatment from a certified and experienced plastic surgeon, the risks are minimal. During the consultations, your surgeon will evaluate all risks with you to evaluate whether you are eligible for body contouring.

Minimized Body Circumference

Usually, many procedures find it difficult to target a few inches of your body circumference for body toning. As you age, the metabolism begins to slow down and complex to lose unwanted body fat. Luckily, with non-invasive body contouring mechanisms like BTL, minimizing body circumference is effective and easy. Thus, if you are worried about your body circumference, body contouring is an ideal solution.

The Procedure Is Easy

Body contouring is a relaxing and comfortable procedure. During the procedure, your surgeon passes the device over your skin, completing it after some minutes. Afterward, you can return to your normal work and other activities you like doing. Contrary to other procedures, body contouring is non-invasive, where your doctor performs everything outside the body with energy radiating inside. The easy nature allows the treatment to be performed several times without damaging your body.

If you are tired of living with excess fat, body contouring treatment can be the solution. Dr. Andrew Stanitsas of Cosmediki Medical Aesthetics in San Juan Capistrano, California, is readily available to assist whenever needed. Dr. Stanitsas is experienced in offering several body contouring services to improve your appearance. With the help of Kybella, he can easily dissolve the excess fat. Call or book an online appointment today to mark the end of your worries.

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